About Thomas

My journey to becoming a healer began in 2001 when I began to look beyond mainstream science and explore other philosophical ideas. This interest developed into a fascination with the relationship between the mind and body and the role our thoughts & emotions play in maintaining or disrupting our health and general sense of wellbeing.

Thomas Jones

My Scientific Background

Before becoming a holistic healer, I worked in the field of genetics and molecular biology. I achieved a 1st class degree in genetics in 1997 and continued my career in mainstream science for several years. I began my scientific career in academia using molecular mapping techniques to characterise individual genes. I then moved into the private sector where I was involved in several large scale genotyping projects and the development of ‘next generation’ DNA sequencing technology. I currently work as a healthcare scientist as well as running my own Homeopathic practice.

homeopathy certificate

Homeopathic Training

I became a fully qualified homeopath in 2007, after training for four years (2003-2007) at the country’s largest homeopathic college; The Centre for Homeopathic Education. Since becoming a homeopath I continued to develop my skills as a healer. For two years (2007-2009) I attended a postgraduate course in Homeopathy. On this course I studied the Kingdom Method, an approach which identifies basic differences in people’s personalities that correspond to energetic patterns from the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms.

Beyond Homeopathy

Perhaps the biggest weakness of the homeopathic method is that energy is only really understood from a theoretical perspective. In order to address this limitation in my own understanding I decided to study other methods of healing. I found reiki to be particularly interesting. Working with reiki energy has allowed me to experience the reality of the universal life force (energy) in a very visceral way. Over the years I have continued to study the many aspects of reiki and energy healing. I am a qualified reiki practitioner having received my 1st and 2nd degree in 2008-2009. I became a fully qualified Reiki Master in 2009. I belong to the Golden Reiki Way Lineage and am a member of the Beyond Reiki School which belongs to the Usui tradition of natural healing. This has greatly improved my skills as a healer and has informed the way I now practice homeopathy.