Homeopathy In Reigate

Is a natural system of healing

Stimulates the body to heal itself

Is free from chemical side effects

Improves physical wellbeing

Treats the whole person

The Healing Process

Homeopathic treatment is similar to counselling or psychotherapy. Much time is spent with the client talking about their problems and how they feel about them. The application of the correct remedy(s) however can make the healing process much easier. The client is less likely to get stuck and dwell upon their issues, more likely to resolve them and move forward with their lives. Often the healing effects of homeopathy can be profound, especially on an emotional level.

the river usk

Arrested Development

Chronic illness does not develop overnight; it is a process of arrested development that begins long before the client seeks my help. Arrested development leads to stagnation and eventually stagnation leads to unhappiness and ill health. Over time habitual negative emotional states such as anger, anxiety, depression, grief, sadness, low self esteem and stress take there toll on the body, eventually manifesting as physical illness. Homeopathic treatment can significantly weaken the fixed negative patterns that people get stuck in, greatly improving emotional and physical wellbeing.

Healing – A Holistic Perspective

To be effective in the art of healing, one must first have some understanding of the dynamics of disease. Disease is caused first and foremost by a mismanagement of our personal energies and the symptoms of disease are the body's way of communicating that something is wrong. Much in the same way as pain draws our attention to the site of an injury; chronic illness is usually a symbolic expression of how we are mismanaging our personal energies in one or more aspects of our lives. Healing is as much a process of re-education and the unlearning of bad habits as it is about the removal of the symptoms of disease. To take responsibility for our own healing process is a challenging task, but also a necessary one. It is only when we realise how we each maintain our own state of ill health and are willing to make the necessary changes that we can say we are truly on the road to recovery.

Reflective Healing

In many ways the homeopathic process is similar to a mirror, reflecting back to the client that which needs healing. It is the reflective nature of homeopathy that is curative (let like cure like). It helps us to see ourselves and others more clearly, giving us new choices so we can move forward and embrace change. How we feel about ourselves and the people we encounter in our lives, greatly affects our emotional and physical wellbeing. Homeopathic treatment allows people to move beyond their self limiting belief systems and experience greater levels of emotional and physical wellbeing.

heron looking at it's own reflection

Emotional Wellbeing – Healing the Blind Spot

In order to heal, we must first be able to see that which requires healing. We are all past masters at failing to acknowledge our own individual issues – our personal blind spot. Feelings that have been denied expression remain held within the body. They can be triggered by association in the present but outside of our conscious awareness, hence the term blind spot. This is commonly referred to as ‘having your buttons pressed’. Our blind spot is where we are most vulnerable to injury and illness because it prevents us from seeing ourselves and others objectively. It causes us to repeat the same mistakes time and again. Homeopathy has a powerful healing effect at the emotional level. It can help us heal our blind spot by encouraging emotional expression and allowing feelings to flow naturally once more. When appropriate it can bring old emotions and past hurts to the surface for healing and release.