Homeopathy In Reigate

Is a natural system of healing

Stimulates the body to heal itself

Is free from chemical side effects

Improves physical wellbeing

Treats the whole person

The Kingdom Method

Traditionally homeopaths select remedies for their patients on the basis of their symptom picture. Symptoms are taken on the mental, emotional and physical level and this represents the totality of their state. The problem with this system is that one can easily select the wrong symptoms for analysis if one doesn't perceive the case clearly enough. Fortunately it is now possible to apply homeopathy using a system-based rather than a symptom-based methodology to more accurately characterize the state of the patient. This system-based methodology is called the Kingdom Method.

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Animal, Vegetable or Mineral?

The Kingdom method identifies basic differences in peoples ways of being in the world which correspond to remedies from one of the animal, plant or mineral kingdoms. Once the kingdom has been identified it is possible to define the clients state more precisely and select a remedy from within that kingdom. This approach allows homeopaths to use a wider range of remedies with a greater degree of accuracy than was previously possible.

Animal Kingdom

The main issue of somebody needing a remedy from the animal kingdom is ‘Survival’. There perception of life is one of competition, between themselves and other people. The issue is not about what affects them (plant kingdom), but who affects them. It’s about competition, where the other person is perceived as being the problem.

heron by the water

Main Issues of the Animal Kingdom:

  • Me vs Other People
  • Victim & Aggressor
  • Attack & Defense
  • Survival of the Fittest
  • Feelings of Inferiority or Superiority
  • Competitive – World of Have or Have Nots

Plant Kingdom

The main issue of somebody needing a remedy from the plant kingdom is of ‘Sensitivity and Reactivity’. There perception is of things in their environment affecting them too strongly and having to react or compensate because of the unwanted stimulus. Each plant family has one basic sensation that it is sensitive to. For example ‘caught, stiff, tight or stuck’ in the Anacardiaceae family.

a cherry tree

Main Issues of the Plant Kingdom:

  • Sensitivity – ‘I Am Affected By…’
  • Reactivity – ‘This Hurts Me / I Respond To…’
  • Disorderly & Chaotic
  • Sentimental
  • Emotional – Mood Swings / Changeable
  • Aware of & Sensitive to Environments

Mineral Kingdom

The main issue of somebody needing a remedy from the mineral kingdom is about ‘Structure’. Their main concern is in lacking, forming, maintaining or losing structure. Generally their perception is a lack of completeness in themselves or their lives. The minerals in each row of the periodic table represent a different aspect of structure e.g. row 4 represents structure in terms of security, protection and fulfilling your role in society.

amethyst crystal

Main Issues of the Mineral Kingdom:

  • Something is Missing or Lacking
  • Identity
  • What is My Purpose?
  • Role, Position, Performance
  • Bring Order & Stability to All Things
  • Security & Responsibility

Healing Relationship with the natural world

In the kingdom method we observe that people have special relationships (similarities) with energies from the natural world, particularly those from the animal, plants and mineral kingdoms. These relationships reflect our personality on a deep level. They reveal to us our strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, our greatest hopes and deepest fears. They are closely linked to our particular susceptibility to illness and disease. Substances from the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms can reflect back to us our own inner process and become our personal medicine. They can help heal our illness and facilitate our growth and personal development. Awareness of who you are and your relationship to the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms is half the battle in developing personal power, inner harmony and physical well being.